Upbeat Colorado

Upbeat Colorado has been providing access to classical music to a wide range of communities since 2001, with a focus on underserved areas. Our 501c3 has brought numerous performances to schools, churches, day care centers, retirement homes, hospitals, and coffee houses. Upbeat Colorado is proud to announce our plan to offer scholarships for high quality music lessons to students from low income families.

Board Members

Dianne Betkowski

Sarah Biber

Stephen Dilts

Elizabeth Esty

Carol Rankin

Peggy Ritchie

Advisory Board Members

Adrianna Abarca

John Dilts

Dennis Gallagher

Mike Green

SoYoung Lee

Benita Muniz

Willem Luyten, Student volunteer

Adrian Caro, Student volunteer

Rachel Kelly, Student volunteer

Julia Luyten, Student volunteer

Samantha Buyungo, Student volunteer